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Bildungspolitik muss säkular sein

religionenZur Fragestellung, warum die Einführung eines islamischen Religionsunterrichtes abzulehnen ist, obwohl der christliche Religionsunterricht – aufgeteilt nach Konfessionen – noch existiert, scheint es geboten, auf die Geschichte des Religionsunterrichtes in Deutschland einzugehen.

Von Rainer PontinkaDie Freiheitsliebe

Bis zum späten 19. Jahrhundert bestimmten allein die Kirchen die Umsetzung u. a. bildungspolitischer und pädagogischer Vorgaben in der Volkschule. Im Königreich Preußen wurde die Schulaufsicht im Rahmen des Kulturkampfes 1872 teilweise verstaatlicht, doch durch die Ausgestaltung der Volksschule u.a. als Bekenntnisschule behielten die christlichen Kirchen maßgeblichen Einfluss auf die Bildung.

Vor der Verabschiedung der Weimarer Reichsverfassung – mit der die Aufsicht über die öffentliche Schule im ganzen damaligen Reich in die Hand der weltlichen Behörde gelangte – gab es Bestrebungen in einzelnen Ländern, die Schule zu verweltlichen und die Bildung von religiösem Einfluss zu befreien.
So gab es in Preußen den „Erlass über die Aufhebung der geistlichen Ortschulaufsicht“ sowie den „Erlass über die Aufhebung des Religionszwangs in der Schule“. Hierdurch wurden Schüler und Lehrer von der Pflicht befreit, am Religionsunterricht teilzunehmen oder ihn zu erteilen; ebenso wurde die Teilnahme an Gottesdiensten freigestellt und Schulfeiern mit religiösem Charakter wurden untersagt.

Hamburg, Sachsen und Bremen schafften von 1918 bis 1919 den Religionsunterricht komplett ab, und auch Bayern hob die geistliche Schulaufsicht 1919 ab. Diese Neuerungen fanden keinen Eingang in die Reichverfassung – der vehemente Protest der Großkirchen beförderte den Religionsunterricht als „ordentliches Lehrfach“ in Artikel 149 der Weimarer Reichverfassung. 1933 bestätigte das zwischen Adolf Hitler und Papst Pius XI. geschlossene Reichskonkordat den katholischen Religionsunterricht als „ordentliches Lehrfach“ in Artikel 21; heute finden wir den RU in Art. 7 Abs. 3 des Grundgesetzes.


Forget Transformers, This Is The Film We Want About Transforming Robots

Image. io9

In this mesmerizing short film, a mysterious robotic device lands on a barren planet in order to radically alter the landscape. But along the way, the robot must change itself, transforming at each stage of its task.

By Lauren Davisio9

Richard Mans directed and animated the stunning Abiogenesis, imagining how robots might speed along the process of life on other planets and giving us plenty of mechanical eye candy in the process.

Sam Harris—WAKING UP: Chapter One

Image. Sam Harris

I once participated in a twenty-three-day wilderness program in the mountains of Colorado. If the purpose of this course was to expose students to dangerous lightning and half the world’s mosquitoes, it was fulfilled on the first day. What was in essence a forced march through hundreds of miles of backcountry culminated in a ritual known as “the solo,” where we were finally permitted to rest—alone, on the outskirts of a gorgeous alpine lake—for three days of fasting and contemplation.

By Sam Harris

I had just turned sixteen, and this was my first taste of true solitude since exiting my mother’s womb. It proved a sufficient provocation. After a long nap and a glance at the icy waters of the lake, the promising young man I imagined myself to be was quickly cut down by loneliness and boredom. I filled the pages of my journal not with the insights of a budding naturalist, philosopher, or mystic but with a list of the foods on which I intended to gorge myself the instant I returned to civilization. Judging from the state of my consciousness at the time, millions of years of hominid evolution had produced nothing more transcendent than a craving for a cheeseburger and a chocolate milkshake.

I found the experience of sitting undisturbed for three days amid pristine breezes and starlight, with nothing to do but contemplate the mystery of my existence, to be a source of perfect misery—for which I could see not so much as a glimmer of my own contribution. My letters home, in their plaintiveness and self-pity, rivaled any written at Shiloh or Gallipoli.

So I was more than a little surprised when several members of our party, most of whom were a decade older than I, described their days and nights of solitude in positive, even transformational terms. I simply didn’t know what to make of their claims to happiness. How could someone’s happiness increase when all the material sources of pleasure and distraction had been removed? At that age, the nature of my own mind did not interest me—only my life did. And I was utterly oblivious to how different life would be if the quality of my mind were to change.

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Der Islam hat zivilisatorisch vollkommen versagt


Der Islam kennt die Reformation nicht, er hat den schmerzhaften Kampf zwischen Philosophie, Wissenschaft und Kirche nicht durchgemacht

Der Islam gehört nicht zu Europa. Die Freiheit, Kern der europäischen Aufklärung, ist ihm fremd – er hat die Moderne seit der Renaissance verpasst.

Von Josef LudinDIE WELT

Jeder Mensch, unabhängig davon, welcher Rasse oder Religion er angehört, kann sich als Individuum in Europa heimisch fühlen, vorausgesetzt, er akzeptiert und integriert die wesentlichen Werte der europäischen Zivilisation. Sie wurden über Jahrhunderte in schweren Kämpfen zwischen Staat und Religion, zwischen Individuum und Gesellschaft, zwischen Philosophie, Wissenschaft, Kunst und Glauben erstritten.

Der Kern der europäischen Aufklärung ist die Freiheit des Individuums. Diese Freiheit ist das höchste der Güter, sie geht einher mit der Freiheit, Überliefertes infrage zu stellen, ein anderes Leben als das vom Kollektiv vorgeschriebene zu wählen. Diese Freiheit wurde oft mit dem Leben bezahlt.


Abortion & Down Syndrome: An Apology for Letting Slip the Dogs of Twitterwar

dawkinsThose intrepid enough to venture onto my Twitter feed will have noticed a new feeding frenzy yesterday (20th August 2014), for which I apologise. The issue is the morality of abortion following screening for Down syndrome.

By Richard DawkinsRichard Dawkins-Foundation

Down Syndrome, or Trisomy 21, results from the presence of an extra copy (or partial copy) of Chromosome 21. Symptoms vary but usually include characteristic facial features especially eye shape, abnormal growth patterns, and moderate mental disability. Life expectancy is reduced, and those who survive through adulthood often need special care as though they are children. Parents who care for their children with Down Syndrome usually form strong bonds of affection with them, as they would with any child. These feelings are sincere and mutual, and probably account for some of the hate tweets I have been experiencing (see below).

Screening for the chromosomal abnormality is normally offered, especially to older mothers who are more likely to have a child with the condition. When Down Syndrome is detected, most couples opt for abortion and most doctors recommend it.\

Yesterday a woman on Twitter, one of our respected regulars on, said she would be unsure what to do if she found a fetus she was carrying had Down Syndrome. I replied to her, beginning my reply with @ which – or so I thought (I’m told Twitter’s policy on this might recently have changed) – meant it would not go to all my million followers but only to the minority of people who follow both her and me. That was my intention. However, it doesn’t stop people who go out of their way to find such tweets, even if they don’t automatically pop up on their Twitter feeds. Many did so, and the whole affair blew up into the feeding frenzy I mentioned.

Here is what I would have said in my reply to this woman, given more than 140 characters:

Obviously the choice would be yours. For what it’s worth, my own choice would be to abort the Down fetus and, assuming you want a baby at all, try again. Given a free choice of having an early abortion or deliberately bringing a Down child into the world, I think the moral and sensible choice would be to abort. And, indeed, that is what the great majority of women, in America and especially in Europe, actually do.  I personally would go further and say that, if your morality is based, as mine is, on a desire to increase the sum of happiness and reduce suffering, the decision to deliberately give birth to a Down baby, when you have the choice to abort it early in the pregnancy, might actually be immoral from the point of view of the child’s own welfare. I agree that that personal opinion is contentious and needs to be argued further, possibly to be withdrawn. In any case, you would probably be condemning yourself as a mother (or yourselves as a couple) to a lifetime of caring for an adult with the needs of a child. Your child would probably have a short life expectancy but, if she did outlive you, you would have the worry of who would care for her after you are gone. No wonder most people choose abortion when offered the choice. Having said that, the choice would be entirely yours and I would never dream of trying to impose my views on you or anyone else.”

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Dumme Fragen zu Schwulen? Mr. Sulu hat coole Antworten

George Takei on Facebook. Screenshot: BB

George Takei on Facebook. Screenshot: BB

Blöde Fragen? Können zu blöden Antworten führen. Oder zu lustigen.

Huffington Post

George Takei, bekannt durch seine Rolle als Leutnant Hikaru Sulu oder Mr. Sulu in „Raumschiff Enterprise“, ist homosexuell, buddhistisch verheiratet mit seinem Manager Brad Altman, seit 2005 setzt er sich öffentlich für gleichgeschlechtliche Ehen ein. Für das Portal „Buzzfeed“ hat er ziemlich genial auf wenig geniale Fragen zu Schwulen geantwortet.

Warum sind Schwule so gern Flugbegleiter?

Takei: „Wir sind es gewohnt, von Fremden angeschrien zu werden, Dinge durch Engstellen zu drücken und täglich mit Flüssigkeiten bekleckert zu werden.“


Schweiz: Suizid-Tourismus nimmt zu

Immer mehr alte und todkranke Menschen reisen in die Schweiz, um dort Sterbehilfe zu erhalten
Foto: sparkle glowplug / flickr | CC-BY-NC 2.0

Immer mehr todkranke Menschen reisen in die Schweiz, um dort Sterbehilfe zu erhalten. Das zeigt eine Studie des britischen Journal of Medical Ethics. Die meisten „Suizid-Touristen“ kommen aus Deutschland.

pro Medienmagazin

Die Zahl derjenigen, die zum Sterben in die Schweiz reisen, hat sich in den vergangenen vier Jahren verdoppelt. Zwischen 2008 und 2012 nahmen insgesamt 611 Patienten aus 31 Ländern die Angebote von Sterbehilfe-Organisationen in der Schweiz in Anspruch, zeigt die Erhebung. Neurologische Erkrankungen wie Parkinson oder Multiple Sklerose waren die häufigsten Krankheiten der Sterbenswilligen. Aus Deutschland reisten 268 Menschen in die Schweiz, aus England 126 und aus Frankreich 66. Die Patienten seien im Durchschnitt 69 Jahre alt gewesen. Mit 58,5 Prozent machen Frauen die Mehrheit derjenigen aus, die zum Sterben in die Schweiz reisten.


Orwell’s review of “Mein Kampf”

From March, 1940, a fascinating look at the development of Hitler’s reputation in Germany and the UK, and the way that his publishers were forced to change the way they marketed his book.

By Cory Doctorow—BoingBoing

Image: BoingBoing

Image: BoinBoing

Sue Blackmore: A hundred walked out of my lecture

Sue Blackmore, Image:

I’m still shaken by yesterday’s lecture and its aftermath. Oxford in the 21st century was, I’d fondly assumed, the epitome of somewhere I could speak freely and fully, and expect people to listen and then argue and disagree if they wished to. Apparently not.

By Sue BlackmoreRichard Dawkins-Foundation

I was invited to give a lecture on memes by the “Oxford Royale Academy”, an institution that has nothing to do with the University of Oxford but hosts groups of several hundred 17-18 year-olds for two weeks of classes and, I guess, some kind of simulation of an ‘Oxford experience’. I was told they were of 45 nationalities and I assumed many different religions. So I prepared my lecture carefully. I tried it out the day before on my husband’s grandson, a bright mixed-race 16 year-old from Paris, and added pictures of the latest craze for ‘Fatkini posts’ and more videos, including my favourite Gangnam Style parody (Python style), but I wasn’t going to avoid the topic of religious memes – religions are an example, par excellence, of memeplexes that use wicked tricks to ensure their own survival. I simply made sure that my slides included many religions and didn’t single one out.

Looking back I should have seen trouble coming early on. I began with a pile of stuffed animals on the desk that I use to illustrate natural selection. Many laughed at my ‘dangerous predator’ eating them but at the word ‘evolution’ a young man in the second row began swaying side to side and vigorously shaking his head. I persevered, trying to put over the idea that evolution is inevitable – if you have information that is copied with variation and selection then you must get (as Dan Dennett p50 puts it) ‘Design out of chaos without the aid of mind’. It is this inevitability that I find so delightful – the evolutionary algorithm just must produce design, and once you understand that you have no need to believe or not believe in evolution. You see how it works. So I persevered.

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«Travelodge»: Britische Hotelkette nimmt Bibeln aus ihren Zimmern


Die britische Hotelkette «Travelodge» lässt aus den Zimmern ihrer rund 500 Häuser die Bibeln entfernen. Begründung: Es solle keine andere Religion diskriminiert werden.

Die britische Hotelkette «Travelodge» lässt aus den Zimmern ihrer rund 500 Häuser die Bibeln entfernen. Es solle keine andere Religion diskriminiert werden, hieß es zur Begründung, wie die Sonntagszeitungen «Mail on Sunday» und «Independent» berichteten. Bibeln sollen künftig auf Anfrage an der Rezeption erhältlich sein.


25 things that DON’T DISPROVE Evolution


We know there’s a lot of evidence in support of evolution. Often, Christians like to offer evidence that evolution is wrong. It never works.

And here’s just a short list of things that don’t disprove evolution:

– Your inability to see big changes over the course of your lifetime.
— Irreducible Complexity or, as I like to call it, ignorance
— Our inability to create life from scratch. That has nothing to do with evolution.
— Ken Ham
— The improbable odds of us being here today
— Supposed missing links. You’re never going to find every fossil. You work with the evidence you have. Missing links don’t disprove evolution. But links definitely support evolution!
— The Bible
— Your pastors telling you otherwise
— Christian “science” “textbooks”
— Eugenics
— Crocoducks not existing
— Stupid catchphrases like evolutionists believe we went from Goo through the Zoo to You. Yes, that rhymes. No, it doesn’t make evolution sound crazy. It makes YOU sound childish.
— Bad analogies. Like the watchmaker argument, The only way a watch could’ve been made is with a designer. Therefore, YOU had to have a designer. Yes, they’re both complicated. But that doesn’t mean they were both designed. Humans and watches don’t work the same way… we reproduce, we have body parts we don’t need, we evolved without a blueprint. It’s a bad analogy
— The phrase “the theory of evolution,” as of theory negates all the evidence of it.
— The 2nd Law of Thermodynamics
— All the other laws of thermodynamics
— The continued existence of monkeys
— Bananas.
— The Flintstones — it’s not a documentary.
— The Creation Museum.
— A child being the same species as its parents
— A theoretical deathbed conversion by Darwin. It didn’t happen, but even if it did, it wouldn’t matter.
— Darwin — or any scientist — being wrong about the details. Scientists make mistakes. But they move in the right direction. Our theories get better over time.
— Showing that carbon dating isn’t accurate. There are many ways to justify evolution. Knocking down one of them doesn’t hinder the strength of the theory in the least.

And the final thing that fails to disprove evolution?

– You not understanding it. It turns out the people who say evolution isn’t real… can’t even properly explain what evolution is.

Maybe if they picked up a book — that’s not the Bible — they would learn something.

“Dick wie eine Kuh”-Kampagne: Der Milch-Quark der Veganer

Milch macht dick. Verursacht Herzinfarkte. Und Cellulite. Wie bitte? Veganer haben eine Anti-Milch-Kampagne gestartet. Doch die Behauptungen sind durch nichts erwiesen.

Von Frederik JöttenSpON

Es waren heftige PR-Kampagnen, denen man als Kind der Achtziger- und Neunzigerjahre ausgesetzt war – und das in der Schule: “Die Milch macht’s” wurde einem eingebläut und “Milch macht müde Männer munter”. Auf Aufklebern, Plakaten, T-Shirts. Vielleicht haben die landwirtschaftlichen PR-Strategen damals einen Bumerang losgeworfen, der jetzt zurückkommt – in Form einer Anti-Milch-Kampagne, die mich jeden Tag auf der Straße anschreit.


Richard Dawkins: I don’t mind being disliked by complete idiots, like creationists


As a 13-year-old Richard Dawkins would fantasise about praying at an altar then seeing an angel dramatically appear in a burst of white light. Yes, one of the world’s most strident atheists communed with God – “but God never actually did get through to me for some reason”.

By Mark BrownThe Raw Story

Dawkins’ religious fervour lasted about two years, he told the Edinburgh International Book Festival on Wednesday.

“I was briefly seduced by it and took it all in and would pray very vigorously every night,” he said. But, he added, he had never acted on his angel fantasy. “I never tried the experiment. I shall never know if it might have happened.”

Dawkins has since become the scourge of all religions but he denied that he relished “being hated”. Nonetheless he had made a YouTube video which showed him reading his hate-mail in front of a log fire; and the next video, he said, would feature a cello player to give some atmosphere to it. He said: “I don’t mind disliked by complete idiots.”

In that category, Dawkins said, would be many creationists. He now refused to appear on the same platform with them since it gave credence to their views.

Dawkins was asked whether his statements on fundamental Islam might demonise moderate Muslims? He hoped not. “It is very important that we should not demonise ordinary, law abiding, very decent Muslims, which of course are the vast majority in this country,” he said.

But he argued that moderate people of any faith “make the world safe for the extremists” because they legitimised believing “something without evidence, without the need to justify it”. He said such a view gave licence to extremists, letting them say, “my belief is I’m supposed to be a suicide bomber or blow up buildings – it is my faith and you can’t question that”.

Dawkins accepted that most moderates would be “horrified” at the suggestion they were helping fuel extremism. “I’m sure they’d be horrified, nevertheless it could be true.”

Dawkins, best known for his books The Selfish Gene, and The God Delusion, was at the festival in Scotland, which is being staged in association with the Guardian, also to talk about his memoir, An Appetite for Wonder. © Guardian News and Media 2014

Bundestrojaner ist einsatzbereit



Die Entwicklung war kompliziert und langwierig. Doch jetzt ist der Bundestrojaner des Bundeskriminalamts einsatzbereit. Das geht aus einem Schreiben der Bundesregierung hervor. Der Einsatz der Software ist politisch hochumstritten.

Von Frederik Obermaier und Pascal PauknerSü

Der Bundestrojaner des Bundeskriminalamts (BKA) zur Online-Durchsuchung ist einsatzbereit. Dies geht aus einer bislang unveröffentlichten Antwort der Bundesregierung auf eine Anfrage des Bundestagsabgeordneten Andrej Hunko (Linke) hervor, die der Süddeutschen Zeitung vorliegt. “Zur Durchführung von Maßnahmen der Online-Durchsuchung wurde durch das BKA eine eigenständige Software entwickelt, welche einsatzbereit ist”, heißt es in dem Schreiben.


Heilige Lärmbrüder

Neuer und alt eingesessener Religionslärm: Verfassungsmässig gleich zu behandeln, eigentlich. Bild:

Wieso man sich nicht nur beim heiligen Bimbam auch mal für Gleichbehandlung und -berechtigung stark machen könnte, statt ihr immer nur im Weg zu stehen.

Von Valentin

Es wurde diese Woche berichtet, dass im Raume Zürich über die Hälfte der Kirchgemeinden ihren Glocken mehr oder weniger freiwillig (d.h. auf Drängen der Anwohner, seltener wegen Gerichtsprozessen) eine Nachtruhe verordnet haben. Das ist begrüßenswert.

Juristisch ist es so, dass Glockenlärm eben kein «Lärm» sei. D.h. die von den Glocken verursachten Geräusche sind kein ungewolltes Nebenprodukt beispielsweise von Verkehr oder Industriemaschinen, sondern es ist genau gerade intendiert, dass die Töne von den Anwohnern wahrgenommen werden sollen. Daher müssen sich die Geräusche von Kirchtürmen nicht an die nationale Lärmschutzverordnung halten. Ich halte diese Argumentation für an den Haaren herbeigezogen. Es ist für die Kirchen kein Aufwand, die Glocken abzustellen. Und ich halte es nicht für ein von der Religionsfreiheit abgedecktes Recht, die Umgebung durchdringend und fortwährend zu beschallen. Obwohl man juristisch also immer wieder gegen den Lärm oder eben Nicht-Lärm scheitert, sind immer mehr Kirchgemeinden vernünftig und wollen nicht auch nachts noch ihr Revier akustisch markieren. Das Revier gehört ihnen ja ohnehin nicht mehr.


Richard Dawkins: Churchgoers enable fundamentalists by being ‘nice’

dawkinsBecause moderate Christians and Muslims are so pleasant people believe that religion is good, Dawkins says.

By Hannah FurnessThe Telegraph

Decent, ordinary churchgoers have helped enable religious fundamentalists to become suicide bombers by being “so nice” that people do not question their faiths, Richard Dawkins has argued.

Dawkins, the evolutionary scientist and outspoken atheist, said moderate Christian and Muslim believers had inadvertently paved the way for extremists.

Saying they had made non-evidence-based belief a “legitimate reason” for their behaviour, he claimed they have now helped “make the world safe” for fundamentalists to exist.

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Fortschritt bedeutet nicht nur Abgrund

sloterdijk_1Die Moderne bringt sozialen Aufstieg und politische Emanzipation: Eine Replik auf Peter Sloterdijks Pessimismus.

Von Ralf FücksDIE WELT

Peter Sloterdijk, Philosoph und zeitdiagnostischer Großmeister aus Karlsruhe, gibt mit seinem neuen Buch “Die schrecklichen Kinder der Moderne” dem fortschrittskritischen Zeitgeist eine Stimme. Nun ist die Botschaft, dass die Moderne aus den Fugen geraten ist und einem schlimmen Ende entgegenstürzt, alles andere als originell. Was Sloterdijk von anderen Zivilisationskritikern abhebt, ist sein Erklärungsmuster für den permanenten Tumult, der die Neuzeit als ein Zeitalter beschleunigten Wandels kennzeichnet. Nicht die üblichen Verdächtigen – das Kapital, die wissenschaftlich-technische Revolution, den Kampf um soziale und politische Emanzipation – sieht er als Movens der westlichen Zivilisation, sondern die “genealogische Frage”: die Spannung zwischen Erbe und Generationenbruch. Erbe steht für die Weitergabe tradierter Werte, Sitten, Lebensformen; Generationenbruch für Verweigerung, Autonomie, Revolte, Neuanfang.


Sam Harris Looks Back on ‘New Atheist’ Movement, Insists Not All Religions Are Equally as Bad


Sam Harris, author of the book The End of Faith that was published 10 years ago, has been credited for starting the “new atheist” movement. Reflecting back on his work, Harris downplays the impact the book might have had on the growth of atheism in national surveys. He also contends that not all religions are equally as bad, by singling out the dangers of radical Islam.

By Stoyan ZaimovChristian Post

“I certainly see the impact that The End of Faith had on publishing — as you indicated, the book initiated the ‘new atheist’ run of bestsellers. But I don’t know what effect these books have had on the wider culture. The poll numbers seem to be inching in our direction — with the percentage of Americans claiming ‘no affiliation’ with religion, or even declaring their ‘atheism’ outright, slowly growing,” Harris said in an email to “The Friendly Atheist” website founder Hemant Mehta, posted on Monday.

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Atheism Is Punishable By Death In These 13 Countries

Atheists living in 13 countries risk being condemned to death, just for the beliefs (or non-belief) according to a new, comprehensive report from the International Humanist and Ethical Union out on Tuesday. All 13 countries identified by the study are Muslim majority.


The countries that impose these penalties are Afghanistan, Iran, Malaysia, Maldives, Mauritania, Nigeria, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, United Arab Emirates and Yemen. With the exception of Pakistan, those countries all allow for capital punishment against apostasy, i.e., the renunciation of a particular religion. Pakistan, meanwhile, imposes the death penalty for blasphemy, which can obviously include disbelief in God.

The study’s interactive map gives a good, broad, overview of which countries punish apostasy and blasphemy by death (black), with prison time (red), or place legal restrictions on (non-)religious speech and thought (yellow).

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CBS Airs Feminist Singer’s Violent Anti-Religion Song—Pearl of a Girl

Kristeen Young, Image:

CBS received a lot of flak after it aired a violent anti-religion track on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson on July 17. Piano-banging rock artist Kristeen Young made her television debut on the show along with Foo Fighters stars Pat Smear and Dave Grohl. Young sang a song titled Pearl of a Girl that criticizes Judaism, Islam and Christianity, going so far as to say about Jesus that the Virgin should have had an abortion.

By Debapriya ChatterjeeAtheist Republic

While the lyrics are not as clear in her rant-like performance on CBS, below are the shocking words of the song:

“I never knew I was a girl until they stopped to tell me
I never knew I was disturbed until they dropped three volumes on me
But in the Bible/Torah/Quran there are really no good roles for me except concubine and wash woman
I used to be the sad one now I just wanna stab them it’s so severe its brutal…
They’ve needed to have the law so they can legally bind us
They’ve needed to have the church so they can morally ground us
They’ve needed most of the dough they must be so scared of us
So their stories are of ghosts I only wish the virgin would’ve had an abortion.”

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