Evangelikale Kreuzritter gegen das Judentum

Quelle: Jewish Israel

Evangelikale Christen hassen Moslems und tun alles, um die gesamte arabischen Welt als Feindbild darzustellen. Ihr eigentliches Ziel aber sind die Juden, welche sie unbedingt missionieren wollen, um ein zweites Kommen des falschen Messias Jesus zu bewerkstelligen.

„Ein Toter ist kein Messias“, so der Rambam (Maimonides) in seiner Mischna Thora.
Ferner ist Gott kein toter Jude am Kreuz !

Wie sich evangelikale Christen weltweit und vor allem in Israel ausbreiten und mit welchem miesen Tricks sie dabei arbeiten, berichtet Jewish Israel.

At present, a good part of the western world is justifiably chasing demographic demons and is mesmerized by maps and viral videos about a growing Islamic population and the threat of global Jihad. The most popular YouTube video of this sort – which has been disseminated by large numbers of Jews – carries a gospel message (but who cares when there are so many keffiyahs out there?)

Shocked by the prospect of Sharia law and trembling at the thought of talking trees, Jews have been seeking refuge behind mega-church pastors, while failing to watch their backsides, where developments on the missionary and avodah zarah fronts abound.

But the Christian evangelizing Jewish Voice Ministries (JVM) has just unveiled a global crusader map with a spiritual strike capability that appears to rival any physical threat Iran can muster-up. And while you were sleeping, JVM has already struck a significant number of Jewish souls.