Red Chair: CNN-Interview mit Richard Dawkins

Kreationisten wissen nichts!

Evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins on his experience with Darwinism and why creationists „don’t know anything.“

I think we should look at the history of religion, be fascinated by it, just if you look at the history of art and so on. But I don’t think that religion has anything useful to teach us.
One of the main reasons why people are religious is because they are persuaded by the apparent design of living things and that’s completely destroyed by Darwin. If you actually read any book by a biologist about evolution, it’s hard to see how you could fail to be persuaded of it, the evidence is just absolutely pact. There is no doubt about it. It’s not a controversial issue. History is completely certain. It’s as certain as the fact that the earth and the other planets, orbit the sun.
More than 40% of the American population, if opinion polls to be believed, think that the world is less than 10,000 years old and that’s a shocking figure. It shows deep profound ignorance. It sounds very laudable to teach the controversy, to teach both theories. But there aren’t two theories, there is only one theory around, there is only one game in town as far as theory of science is concerned. Of course you get negative reactions from creationists, but who cares about creationists, they don’t know anything.
I think it was my father who first introduced me to Darwin and Evolution. I was immensely moved by it and it did start a rollercoaster in a way and then I started to become really quite antireligious after that. I went through a sort of middle ground of what you might call Deism. I think I gave up Christianity before I finally gave up the idea of a sort of creative designer of some kind.
Darwin made it possible to be an intellectually fulfilled atheist. Before that you could be an atheist, he was for example, but it was quite difficult because you had no good explanation for why living things look so well designed, Darwin provided that.
There are other reasons for being religious like moral reasons or people sometimes feel they have a personal relationship with God or with Jesus or with Mohammed or whatever it is and that kind of reason for being religious would not in itself be undermined by Darwinism, but it’s quite wrong to believe that science reduces humanity, that science somehow gives you a bleak, cold, empty, barren view of the universe and of life, quite the contrary, sounds as enriching and fulfilling.
What’s going to happen when I die, if I met god in the unlikely event after I died, I think the first thing I would say is well, which one are you? Are you Zeus? Are you Thor? Are you Baal? Are you Mithras? Are you Yahweh? Which god are you? And why did you take such great pains to conceal yourself and to hide away from us?


  1. Es gibt eine uebernatuerliche kreative Intelligenz hinter dem beobachtbarem Universum, die mit Kraft, Pracht und Gerechtigkeit regiert. Wahrlich es gibt nichts sinnvoller als die Bibel und die Welt zu erforschen.

    Wir sollten die Schoenheit des Lebens und des Herrn Jesus feiern. Wie erbaulich und ehrenvoll sind seine heilige Worte! Wahrlich es gibt eine Seele, die den Koerper ueberdauert. Gott sei gepriesen.

    Gefällt mir

  2. My dear Josef,
    I guess this story is as true as your bullshit.

    Ali Baba, son of the Kalif of Bagdad is brought up by the 40 Thieves after his father is killed by the soldiers of Hugalu Khan, who received the necessary information by traitor Cassim. Ali becomes the leader of the thieves and they are fighting for the freedom of his land. Per chance Ali captures the fiancée of Hugalu Khan, who turns out to be his girl friend Amara. After a few misunderstandings Ali uses her wedding day with Hugalu Khan as the day for the liberation of Bagdad. …………and on and on and on…..

    Du darfst ab sofort wieder in deutsch schwurbeln, dass es auch alle verstehen. Wie Du ja weißt, kommt auf jeden Bibelvers von Dir ein Auszug eines wahren Märchens von mir.

    Gefällt mir

  3. Richard Hawkins asks a very important question. Why then does God, the only true God, the God of the Holy Bible „hide away“ from his creation?
    The answer is found by finding out what God blesses.
    God blesses those who are merciful and those who are pure of heart!

    [5.7] Selig sind die Barmherzigen; denn sie werden Barmherzigkeit erlangen. [5.8] Selig sind, die reinen Herzens sind; denn sie werden Gott schauen.

    Because Jesus is merciful and his heart is pure when we put our trust fully in him God can bless us and no longer will his glorious presence be hid from those who wholeheartedly trust and obey him.

    Gefällt mir

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