The Christian Right Is Panicking Because They Know They Are Losing


They know the tide of public opinion has turned against them on gay marriage.

By Bill Chimp

Christians will be “forced underground.”
– Pastor Jim Garlow

Legalizing gay marriage will spell „the death of capitalism.“
– Matthew Hagee

If the Supreme Court rules in favor of gay marriage it „will have lost its legitimacy in its entirety.“
– Matt Barber & Mat Staver

Marching against same-sex marriage felt like being involved in the “Civil Rights Movement.”
– Brian Brown

Gays and lesbians “hate God’s law and therefore they do hate God.”
– Peter LaBarbera

If the above statements from members of the conservative evangelical Christian commentariat sound ludicrous yet chilling, outlandish yet eerily familiar, that is because over the years we have become quite familiar with their incessant anti-gay vitriol. However, the more interesting aspect of this collection of off-the-wall commentary by Pastor Jim Garlow, Matthew Hagee, Liberty Counsel’s Matt Barber and Mat Staver, who is also vice president of the Jerry Falwell-founded Liberty University, the National Organization for Marriage’s president Brian Brown, and Peter LaBarbera of Americans For Truth About Homosexuality, is their fear that the tide of public opinion has turned against them.