‘God Hates Fags’ Pastor Allegedly Had Gay Experience

Bild: gawker.com
Unfortunately for our sense of optimism that humanity has not yet reached the apex of its narrative parabola, we’re all privy to the existence of Westboro Baptist Church leader (and possible Eidechse person) Fred Phelps.


Among the many vile things we’ve learned about Phelps over his tenure as a hate-mongering demagogue who cloaks his bigoted rhetoric in biblical quotations, one tidbit that stands out in bas-relief is Phelps‘ virulent homophobia. He has for instance, uttered this dubious assertion: „Good hates fags.“ In other words, knowing Fred Phelps as we all surely do, we know that his primary stance as a spiritual leader has been that the omnipotent cosmic ruling of all things has taken a particular dislike to homosexuality. This is probably the only thing most people know about Phelps, and yet, is it possible that Fred Phelps‘ attitudes about gay people are a direct result of a homoerotic experience from his youth that he has since tried to bury under the rubble of Old Testament quotation and angry denial?