Atheists Fight Gideon Bibles With Books By Christopher Hitchens

Photo: Reuters/Brian Snyder
What’s a prominent secular organization to do when a request to remove Bibles from state-owned property is unsuccessful?

By Christopher ZaraInternational Business Times

American Atheists, the feisty group of nonbelievers known for its outspoken billboard campaigns and arguments with Bill O’Reilly, decided to fight fire with fire — or, rather, fight scripture with Hitchens.

The group announced on Friday that it’s planning to ship piles of popular atheist books to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources for display in all state park cabins. The decision follows a brewing controversy that escalated after a visitor to a state park in north Georgia found a Gideon Bible in a cabin he’d rented there. As it turns out, the visitor was Ed Buckner, who served as president of American Atheists between 2008 and 2010.