Jack the Ripper mystery finally solved after 125 years …maybe

Bild: Public Domain
Bild: Public Domain

Bad news, amateur Jack the Ripper enthusiasts. The Whitechapel mystery that gripped imaginations all over the world for 125 years has finally been solved. The results, though fascinating and unexpected, are a little disappointing.

Jack the Ripper never existed.

The Inquisitr

Even though there are over one hundred theories about the Ripper’s identity, that he never even existed seems to have never occurred to anyone before Trevor Marriott, a former murder squad detective with Bedfordshire police.

Marriott has spent 11 years reviewing the Ripper killings, and has gone deeper into Scotland Yard’s files than anyone before him. Using modern-day police techniques and forensic analysis, Marriott said that the reason there are so many theories about the Ripper’s identity is that the facts of the case have been distorted over the years.