Pope Denounces Buchanan and Palin for Questioning his Agenda

Papst Franziskus (Bild: AP)
Papst Franziskus (Bild: AP)
Pope Francis today denounced conservative icons Pat Buchanan and Sarah Palin, calling their recent objections to his leadership style “confusing,” “hypocritical” and “borderline-heresy.”

By Alex KuzioNEWSLO

The pontiff—who was elected to lead the Roman Catholic Church in March—complained that Buchanan and Palin should “look into their own hearts” before questioning his actions, and suggested that they are “simply jealous, having repeatedly failed to be elected to high office themselves.”

Francis, formally a Cardinal from Argentina, was responding chiefly to published on Townhall.com Friday in which Buchanan—a longtime soldier in the so-called “culture wars”—wrote that the pope was wrong to move “the Catholic Church to a stance of non-belligerence, if not neutrality, in the culture war for the soul of the West.” Buchanan said he believes that unless the Church remains aggressively opposed to abortion and LGBT rights—as it was under Francis’s predecessor, Pope Benedict XVI—it will lose its moral authority and surrender to relativism.

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