Nasty Church Volunteers Almost Ruin a Family’s Christmas, But Atheists Save the Day

“Hand over the kid, or NO CHRISTMAS FOR YOU!”
What an odd flare-up! In Chickasha, Oklahoma, Tiffany White and her husband brought their 7-month-old baby to the Bible Baptist Church’s toy shop for Christmas presents that the church gives away for families in need. But things got weird and nasty.

By Paul FidalgoFriendly Atheist

According to the Chickasha News, the church volunteers insisted that Wait hand her baby over, but I can’t make out why. To receive the gift? To be blessed or something? Just to cuddle? I don’t know.

Wait said her baby doesn’t like strangers and she’d prefer to be with him. She said the volunteer said it has to be done this way, or the family wouldn’t be able to participate.

“I stood there, fighting back tears and asked, ‘You would turn a baby away on Christmas,’” said Wait.

The volunteers held their ground, according to Wait and one woman tried to forcibly take her child.

Crazy, right?? As a parent of wee ones, I’m quaking just thinking about this.

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