HBO’s ‚Questioning Darwin‘ fails to ask the most interesting question of all

charles_darwin_nkmbI wonder what Charles Darwin would think of the fact that more than 150 years after he published On the Origin of Species, we have yet to evolve past the heated debates over science versus creationism.

By Scott AlessiU.S.Catholic

Earlier this month we had Bill Nye the Science Guy debating Ken Ham, founder of Kentucky’s Creation Museum. And now HBO joins the fun with its new documentary Questioning Darwin, director Antony Thomas‘ look into the two distinctly different understandings of how human beings came to walk the earth.

In a film that clocks in at just under an hour, Thomas tries to cover a lot of ground–analyzing the deeply held religious beliefs of those who take the Bible as the literal word of God while also chronicling the journey of Darwin from a young man who almost became a priest of the Anglican church to the scientist who became nearly obsessed with studying the species that inhabited his world.

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