COSMOS: When Carl Sagan sent me a letter

One of the nice surprises in last night’s Cosmos reboot with Neil deGrasse Tyson was the show’s tribute to Dr. Carl Sagan at the end of the program.

BY Tony OrtegaThe Raw Story

Standing on the same seaside cliff in Northern California where Sagan filmed some of his scenes from the original series, deGrasse Tyson pulled out a 1970s ledger to show that Sagan had scheduled a day to meet with a then 17-year-old Neil, a kid from the Bronx who had applied to Cornell.

DeGrasse Tyson had his own artifact from that day — Sagan had given him a copy of one of his paperbacks, The Cosmic Collection, and had signed it to him, encouraging the aspiring scientist. DeGrasse Tyson explained how important that day was (even though he decided to go to Harvard instead)…

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