Follow up: Star Trek star tricked into narrating film that says the Sun revolves around the Earth

"The Principle"-Trailer (YouTube-Screenshot/BrightsBlog)
„The Principle“-Trailer (YouTube-Screenshot/BrightsBlog)

The newly-released trailer for The Principle promises film audiences commentary from prominent scientists and features the recognizable voice of former Star Trek: Voyager star Kate Mulgrew narrating.

Think Progress – Josh Israel

But while the onetime Starfleet captain announces that “everything we think we know about our universe is wrong,” it appears that everything she and several of the world’s top cosmologists thought about the film was also incorrect: they now say they were tricked into participation in a film on the widely-debunked geocentrism theory (that the Earth is, in fact, the center of universe and that the sun really revolves around it).

On Monday, Raw Story reported that the film, funded by noted geocentrist and Holocaust skeptic Robert Sungenis, featured narration by Mulgrew — a staunch Democrat and a star of the Netflix hit Orange Is The New Black.

Soon, it became clear that the trailer — if not the film itself — was a misleading cut-and-paste job, relying on out-of-context clips and contributions by people who were not aware of the film’s true point.