Sorry Bill Nye, This Is The Science Vs. Religion Debate We Need

While the recent smack down between Bill Nye and Ken Ham grabbed all the headlines, the scientific community was far more captivated by a debate featuring physicist Sean Carroll and theologian William Lane Craig that explored the existence of God in light of contemporary cosmology.

By Mark Straussio9

Carroll is a physicist at CalTech and the author of From Eternity to Here: The Search for the Ultimate Theory of Time. Craig is a Christian theologian and philosopher, and regarded as one of the most formidable debaters in the country.

Craig’s main arguments rested upon the premises that: (1) the universe must be caused, and the cause is God and (2) the parameters of the universe appear designed for the existence of life. Carroll responded that the notion of a „cause“ isn’t part of an appropriate vocabulary to use for discussing fundamental physics. Rather, modern physical models take the form of unbreakable patterns — laws of Nature — that persist without any external causes.

A focal point of Carroll’s concluding argument was, „Which worldview predicts best?“ He went on to contrast the predictive success of theism vs. naturalism:

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