What Evangelicals Think They Know About Atheists

image: The Way Forward
image: The Way Forward
Evangelical Christians have all kind of ideas about what an atheist believes and what kind of person they are. Where do they get these ideas? From Evangelical apologetics books, pastors, Sunday School teachers, Fox News, and fellow Christians.

By Bruce GerencserThe Way Forward

They usually don’t know any atheists. After all, there are no atheists in their church. (though they would be surprised to find out there are likely secret atheists sitting near them in church every Sunday) Evangelicals tend to surround themselves with people who think and act like they do, so they are rarely exposed to people who hold to beliefs different from theirs.  (and this is common for all groups, including atheists)

This is the same criticism the LGBT community has of Evangelicals. Evangelicals rage against the sin of homosexuality, yet they don’t personally know any homosexuals.  All they know is what the pastor says, a TV preacher says,  or what they read in a Christian apologetics book.

When Evangelicals actually come to know a homosexual, they are forced to rethink their beliefs. When a face is put on their dogma, they are forced to deal with the humanity of the homosexual.  Often, when Evangelicals actually meet and get to know a homosexual, they often soften or abandon their belief about homosexuals being sinful, wicked ,deviant,child-molesting pedophiles.

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