Deepak Chopra: I’ll Give Atheists $1,000,000 if They Can Prove How Consciousness Works

Deepak Chopra, Image: Friendly Atheist
Deepak Chopra, whose ability to vomit up big words and put them in a nonsensical order has convinced gullible people to give him tons of money, is issuing a million dollar challenge of his own:

By Hemant MehtaFriendly Atheist

If James Randi or Richard Dawkins or Daniel Dennett or any of the “militant New Atheists” can explain how thoughts form — how consciousness works — he’ll write you a check:

Even if we take him at his word, he’s asking the skeptics to prove something that science doesn’t have the answer to yet. More importantly, though, it’s not like any of those guys are saying they have that knowledge.

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