Richard Dawkins is Still an Asset to the Atheist Movement

dawkinsA couple of days ago, Kimberly Winston at Religion News Service wrote a story about whether Richard Dawkins was an asset or liability for the atheist “movement.”

By Hemant MehtaFriendly Atheist

The story sure makes it seem like Dawkins is a liability, with the majority of quotations coming from people who think he does a lot of damage to our cause. I’m mentioned in the piece and even I come off as critical of him:

And it isn’t only women atheists whom Dawkins upset. Writing on The Friendly Atheist, Hemant Mehta said: “I’m a fan of Richard Dawkins. I know he means well. But damn, it’s annoying having to defend him. More importantly, I shouldn’t have to!”

I wrote that, to be sure, but I don’t think my thoughts on Dawkins are properly captured in that one passage. So I want to clarify what I sent to the reporter because, unlike most of the others quoted in the piece, I don’t think Dawkins hurts the image of atheism (even if he has some missteps along the way):

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