25 things that DON’T DISPROVE Evolution


We know there’s a lot of evidence in support of evolution. Often, Christians like to offer evidence that evolution is wrong. It never works.

And here’s just a short list of things that don’t disprove evolution:

— Your inability to see big changes over the course of your lifetime.
— Irreducible Complexity or, as I like to call it, ignorance
— Our inability to create life from scratch. That has nothing to do with evolution.
— Ken Ham
— The improbable odds of us being here today
— Supposed missing links. You’re never going to find every fossil. You work with the evidence you have. Missing links don’t disprove evolution. But links definitely support evolution!
— The Bible
— Your pastors telling you otherwise
— Christian „science“ „textbooks“
— Eugenics
— Crocoducks not existing
— Stupid catchphrases like evolutionists believe we went from Goo through the Zoo to You. Yes, that rhymes. No, it doesn’t make evolution sound crazy. It makes YOU sound childish.
— Bad analogies. Like the watchmaker argument, The only way a watch could’ve been made is with a designer. Therefore, YOU had to have a designer. Yes, they’re both complicated. But that doesn’t mean they were both designed. Humans and watches don’t work the same way… we reproduce, we have body parts we don’t need, we evolved without a blueprint. It’s a bad analogy
— The phrase „the theory of evolution,“ as of theory negates all the evidence of it.
— The 2nd Law of Thermodynamics
— All the other laws of thermodynamics
— The continued existence of monkeys
— Bananas.
— The Flintstones — it’s not a documentary.
— The Creation Museum.
— A child being the same species as its parents
— A theoretical deathbed conversion by Darwin. It didn’t happen, but even if it did, it wouldn’t matter.
— Darwin — or any scientist — being wrong about the details. Scientists make mistakes. But they move in the right direction. Our theories get better over time.
— Showing that carbon dating isn’t accurate. There are many ways to justify evolution. Knocking down one of them doesn’t hinder the strength of the theory in the least.

And the final thing that fails to disprove evolution?

— You not understanding it. It turns out the people who say evolution isn’t real… can’t even properly explain what evolution is.

Maybe if they picked up a book — that’s not the Bible — they would learn something.