Worse than Hamas? Gaza’s other terror groups

Islamic Jihad rockets, ready to fire, in northern Gaza. (Photo credit: Flash90/File)
From Islamic Jihad to the Popular Resistance Committees, the Strip enclave is crawling with organizations viciously hostile to Israel

By Ben SalesThe Times of Israel

After four weeks of a punishing Israel air and ground campaign that left nearly 2,000 dead (an estimated 1,000 of them gunmen, according to Israel) and much of Gaza in ruins, Hamas has lived to see another day.

For Israel, that might not be the worst thing. That’s because for all of Hamas’s violent extremism, it also governs a territory, maintains a social service wing and controls smaller, more extremist factions. Through mediators, Hamas and Israel have reached agreements in 2011 and 2012, and are negotiating another one right now in Cairo.

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