Scientists Found a Way to Email Brain Waves

Brain-to-brain communication at work. Image: PLOS One
Brain-to-brain communication at work. Image: PLOS One
Researchers have successfully communicated words from one brain to another over the internet.

By Jordan PearsonMOTHERBOARD

Brain wave-sensing technology, which utilizes electroencephalography-powered headsets, has already been demonstrated to do all kinds of impressive things, such as piloting an aircraft or controlling a robot. Now, researchers are investigating how to telepathically communicate with the tech.

An international team of researchers was able to use electroencephalography (EEG) to convert the words “hola” and “ciao” from a person’s brain waves into binary. That data was transmitted from a subject in India to another subject in France, where the process was successfully reversed. In other words, the researchers say they’ve created a brain-to-brain communication system.

An EEG setup usually only involves brain-to-computer communication. Electrodes attached to the skull capture electrical currents in the brain associated with various action-thoughts, like moving your left arm, and a computer interface analyzes that signal and maps it to a control output, like a robot.

In their study, published yesterday in PLOS One, the researchers decided to close the brain-computer control loop by putting another brain on the other end of the system, to receive the signals processed by the computer interface.

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