Flint, Michigan Officials May Spread Scientology to Save the City

Image: Friendly Atheist
In Flint, Michigan, city council members will take any help they can get. So when Scientologist Monika Biddle showed up at their meeting earlier this week with a solution to their problems, they were eager to hear it. Her plan involves the distribution of a book called The Way to Happiness:

By Hemant MehtaFriendly Atheist

The booklet briefly describes 21 principles, including: “Take Care of Yourself, Be Temperate, Don’t Be Promiscuous, Love and Help Children, and Honor and Help Your Parents.”

“I think it’s a good deal, yes,” Police Chief James Tolbert said of the program. “From the information I’ve seen, apparently it works. I’m for anything that works.”

… some council members said public service announcements that reinforce messages like, “Do not murder, Don’t Do Anything Illegal, and Do Not Steal,” can’t hurt the city.

Biddle suggested Flint officials investigate “The Way to Happiness” programs in St. Louis and Compton, Calif., for guidance about how the program can help make cities better places to live.

[Biddle’s] group suggests police officers give the book to members of the community, to neighborhood watch groups and those involved in community policing; get “The Way to Happiness” public service announcements played for youth groups, schools, after-school programs and detention centers; and get educators using the booklet in tutoring and mentoring programs.

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