Yes, There Are Still People Who Believe the Earth Is Flat

Photo via The Flat Earth Society’s Flickr
In 1881, English writer Samuel Rowbotham published Zetetic Astronomy: Earth Not a Globea 430-page book in which he affirmed that Earth is flat. One-hundred and thirty years later, despite all the silly science that proves to us that the land we step on is actually spherical, his work is still spawning mini movements.

By Félix

After Rowbotham passed away in 1884, Lady Elizabeth Blount, who admired his work, established a Universal Zetetic Society whose objective was “to carry on the work of the master.” With their beliefs largely based on a rather subjective reading of the Bible, after WWI the organization gradually lost influence and eventually disappeared.

Yet, the idea of a disc-shaped Earth has not completely vanished. The Flat Earth Society is a modern group dedicated to promoting Rowbotham’s ideas and trying to convince skeptics like me. I wanted to make sure they were serious, so I got in touch with some of them via their online forum.

Image courtesy of the Flat Earth Society

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