SCOTUS Prayer Ruling Silences New York Town’s Non-Christians

Image: PoliticusUSA
Of all the revolutionary ideas put forth by America’s Founders, prohibiting the establishment of religion was likely the greatest gift the Constitution’s framers bestowed on the young nation and subsequent generations of Americans.

By RmusePoliticusUSA

In fact, freedom of, and more importantly freedom from, religion was so important that the first line of the First Amendment prohibited the establishment of religion. It is a certainty that the Founders were well aware of the abuses on the people that establishing a religion would result in, and it is just as certain that “churches” took it as a personal affront they were forbidden from demanding adherence to their religion by the Constitution.

Despite the 1st Amendment, different Christian groups have made every effort to impose their religion on the people throughout the nation’s history, and after two-hundred-thirty-eight years, they were granted the authority to begin establishing Christianity by Supreme Court fiat. Besides the Catholic Court’s ruling that the “free exercise” clause trumps the Establishment Clause in the recent Hobby Lobby decision, the Catholic ruling that government prayers were the purview of Christians was the final insult to the rotting corpse of the prohibition on establishing religion.

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