Forget about Iran. In Washington, everyone’s speaking ISish

Fighters from the Islamic State seen marching in their stronghold of Raqqa, Syria, June 2014. (photo credit: AP/Militant Website, File)
Remember the danger posed by Tehran’s drive to the bomb, and Obama’s pledge to foil it? Well, nobody else in the US seems to.


For several days now, American news networks have been intensively, almost obsessively, covering the Islamic State and the war declared on the terror group by US President Barack Obama.

Chilling clips produced by the jihadist group in order to deter the US are being aired over and over again. The terror group’s strategy appears to be paying off, at least in terms of the amount of media interest it has elicited in America.

If an alien were to land in Washington today and follow media reports on the Islamic State phenomenon — as well as witness the level of interest the group has created in the White House, Congress and the Senate — it might well conclude, mistakenly, that we are dealing with an evil empire the likes of which humanity has never seen, one which represents the only threat to the stability of the world in general, and to the Middle East in particular.

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