Columbia, Harvard, Yale anthropologists among 360 backing boycott of Israel

Harvard University (photo credit: Shutterstock)
More than 350 anthropologists from around the world have endorsed a boycott of Israel and its academic institutions.

The Times of Israel

Signatories worldwide include 13 academics from City University of New York, 13 from Columbia, 9 from Harvard and 8 from Yale.

The statement was posted on Oct. 1 on the website with 231 signatories and a call for others to add their names to the list. On Friday, the list had reached 360 names.

“As a community of scholars who study problems of power, oppression, and cultural hegemony, we have a moral responsibility to speak out and demand accountability from Israel and our own governments,” reads the statement, which endorses “boycott[ing] Israeli academic institutions that are complicit in these violations.”

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  1. Hello whats meaning in german?I onley can read there is a protest against Israel………………………


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