‘Miss Hitler 2014′ — Young Women Compete In World’s Most Disgraceful Beauty Contest

Second Prize, Image: Addicting Info What self-respecting Nazi wants to walk the streets without this season’s must-have: a pendant combining the classic German Iron Cross and Third Reich heraldry?
This isn’t satire. The “Miss Hitler 2014″ pageant is a real thing. Young women are right now competing for the “Miss Ostland 2014″ crown by posting sexy Nazi selfies to the “Adolf Hitler” fan page on VKontakte (Russian Facebook).

By Kerry-AnnAddicting Info

Reichskommissariat Ostland is the 1941 Baltic territory Nazi occupation under which over 1 million Jews were killed.

As Vocativ reports:

“Russian and Ukrainian Nazis and the people who love them, are voting for their favorite pictures of proud, beautiful anti-Semitic women posted to the site’s ‘Adolf Hitler’ group page. Boasting more than 7,000 followers, the page describes itself as a group of Russians and Ukrainians who pay tribute to Hitler, history’s best-known goose-stepping genocidal maniac.”

So, who are the women putting themselves forward as contestants?

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