Adelson: Palestinians an invented people out to destroy Israel

From left to right: Sheldon Adelson, IAC National Chairman Shawn Evenhaim and Haim Saban. (Photo credit: Shahar Azran)
American-Jewish billionaire shares stage with Israeli-American mogul Haim Saban who says he would bomb ‘living daylights’ out of Iran if he were Netanyahu.

By Rebecca Shimoni Stoil and Times of Israel staff

“The Palestinians are an invented people,” said Jewish-American billionaire and Republican donor Sheldon Adelson, adding that “the purpose of the existence of Palestinians is to destroy Israel.”

Adelson was speaking at the Israeli American Council in Washington Sunday, in a debate with Haim Saban, the Israeli-American media mogul and Democrat funder.

The event began on Friday, marking the first-ever national gathering of Israelis living in America. Organizers said that the event sold out weeks in advance, noting that the entire Israeli-American community is currently estimated at over 600,000.

“So Israel won’t be a democratic state, so what?” said Adelson, rejecting the feasibility of a two-state solution in response to a comment made by Saban on “securing the future of a democratic Israel.”

“You are committing demographic suicide,” Adelson argued.

He added that the country should build a “big wall” around itself, saying, “I would put up a big wall around my property.”

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