Creationists say theoretical physicist Lawrence Krauss is like Hitler: ‘Very, very terrifying’

Lawrence M. Krauss, Professor and Director, The Origins Project, Arizona State University, USA in Behind the Cosmic Curtain at the World Economic Forum (WEF/Flickr)
The hosts of an evangelical Christian talk show don’t just think theoretical physicist Lawrence Krauss is a fool, they think he is similar to Adolf Hitler.

By Eric W. Dolan|Raw Story

Last week on creationist Ray Comfort’s show, The Comfort Zone, the hosts attacked Krauss for saying that religion could disappear in the span of a generation.

“Atheists usually hide the fact that they believe nothing created everything,” Comfort opined. “Lawrence Krauss wrote a book called the ‘Origin of Nothing.’”

He said the thesis of Krauss’s book was scientifically impossible and “foolish,” while co-host Emeal Zwayne wondered whether nothing was actually something.

“I’ll tell you what about Krauss,” Zwayne added. “Just the glee that he got from the thought of eradicating religion — and it’s not religion, he hates Christianity. He hates Christ. But the way he said that, ‘In a generation — that’s what we should do, plant those seeds of doubt, it’s our responsibility.’”

“Hitler said some similar things,” Comfort interjected. “Hitler’s Youth.”

“And that’s exactly what I was going to say it was reminiscent of,” Zwayne said. “Very, very terrifying, friends.”