Pat Robertson: God says I can drive my Corvette over 100 mph on public roads

pat-robertson-prophetTelevangelist Pat Robertson likes to drive fast, and he says that God has given him permission to ignore the speed limit.

By David Edwards|Raw Story

On Thursday’s edition of The 700 Club, a viewer asked Robertson if her husband was sinning by driving over the speed limit.

“My husband insists on speeding even when he’s on time,” the viewer named Nora explained in an email. “In the last 2 years, he’s gotten 4 speeding tickets and our insurance has gone up. He doesn’t feel that God cares if we speed.”

“You’re asking a guy that had a Corvette with a 430 horsepower engine, who is now driving a car that has about a 650 horsepower engine,” Robertson laughed. “Who also drove 30 laps around the Charlotte Motor Speedway in a stock car.”

“I don’t get tickets, I pay attention,” he continued. “But there was one night up in the mountains, when it wasn’t anybody around a four-lane highway late at night, and I did get that little bug up a little over 200 mph.”

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“Two hundred!” co-host Terry Meeuwsen exclaimed.

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