Bill Maher’s Grinch-like advice for salvaging Christmas: No more gift-giving

'Real Time' host Bill Maher [YouTube]
‚Real Time‘ host Bill Maher [YouTube]
In offering up tips on how to “save Christmas” on Friday, Real Time host Bill Maher struck a Grinch-like tone.

By Arturo Garcia|Raw Story

“We gotta get rid of the gift-giving,” he said. “Spending money you don’t have to give people you don’t like stuff they don’t want? That’s gotta stop. All that anxiety over what to get, how much to spend, if I buy something for this one, do I have to buy something for that one, the parking, the shopping, the returning — I tell you, sometimes, I wonder how my assistant does it.”

As Maher explained his rationale, TV One host Roland S. Martin chimed in, saying, “I don’t give gifts,” while another panelist, Canadian MP Chrystia Freeland, added a qualifier, saying, “Except for kids.”

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