Homeopath Finds a Cure for Ebola: Violin Music

Image: quackometer.net
Peter Chappell has previous form. I wrote in 2007 how he was creating MP3 files that he claimed could treat Malaria and HIV. The Society of Homeopaths held a symposium to discuss his ideas.

By Andy Lewis|The Quackometer

Chappell now has a new web site: http://boosters4africa.com/. On this site he is promoting a new MP3 file that plays some violin music. He claims that listening to these files can treat and prevent ebola.

If you are ill with ebola, listen to this music every 15 minutes until you are better.

For protection from ebola, listen to this music twice daily (or at least once daily) until the danger passes.

How is this supposed to work? We are told,

You listen to this new booster music technology. If you have acute health problems you listen continuously and if you have long term health problems you listen one time per day. Read the listening instructions for more detailed instructions.

There is a different booster for each disease, e.g. booster4malaria, booster4tuberculosis, booster4hiv+/aids etc

These ‘boosters‘ boost your health by supporting your immune system.

Each booster has a different intelligence embedded in it. You can imagine the intelligence like instructions for your brain. When your brain receives these instructions, it knows how to boost your immune system.

There is not the slightest reason to suppose this might work.

Did I have to point that out?

Whilst a deadly disease continues to kill hundreds of people, Western homeopaths drift off into absurd fantasies about medicine. Chappell is not just any homeopath: he was a founder member of the Society of Homeopaths, an organisation that has just been accredited by the Professional Standards Authority as being able to protect the public by managing a register of members. Such is the state of government thinking about how to protect the public.

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