Atheist Billboards in Tennessee Say: “Dear Christians, I Share My Toys. Why Won’t You Share the Season?”

Image: Friendly Atheist
The billboard wars are on in Tennessee.
First, American Atheists put up this controversial holiday billboard in several religious cities around the country, including Memphis:

By Hemant Mehta|Friendly Atheist

Eric Hart, a Christian in the area, decided to respond with a sign of his own. So he did some online fundraising and ended up with the following digital ad, which has all the design finesse of a Christmas sweater:

Dear Santa, All I want is to keep Christmas sacred and celebrate with being bullied. With Respect To All

I know, I know. I shouldn’t be complaining about someone else’s graphic design when atheist billboards get mocked repeatedly for that reason. I should also note that I’ve seen two different versions of that Christian billboard with the same message, but this is the one that looked more professional, so I’m assuming it’s the one they went with.

But let’s talk about that message for a second. No one’s stopping him from keeping Christmas “sacred” if that’s what he chooses to do. And if you consider a billboard message bullying, then your tolerance for criticism is way too low.

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