Dick Cheney Will Eat Chuck Todd For Breakfast Unless Todd Does Exactly What I Say

Dick Cheney has always loved going on “Meet the Press.”
It gives him the appearance of subjecting himself to scrutiny, while actually giving him a great platform to say whatever he wants.

By Dan Froomkin|THE//INTERCEPT

Cheney’s love for “Meet the Press” is not a matter of conjecture. The 2007 trial of Cheney’s chief of staff, Scooter Libby, revealed all sort of embarrassing facts about an elite Washington press corps that is more into enabling its sources than digging away at the truth – and one of the most delicious morsels was the testimony by Cathie Martin, Cheney’s former communications director, that Cheney’s office saw going on “Meet the Press” as “our best format.”

Prosecutors even introduced as evidence a little chart she had made of the “pros” and “cons” of going on “Meet the Press.”

Under “pros”, she had written: “control message.”

“We control the message a little bit more,” she told the prosecutors. “It was good for us to be able to tell our story.”

When Cheney was vice president, his chief M.O. was to spread false information and savage his critics, while avoiding any sustained inquisition. He often did that through intermediaries.

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