Liberal scum! Conservatives freak out after Arizona biology professor pokes fun at creationism

Symbolbild. Bild: hippo by swatts
Symbolbild. Bild: hippo by swatts
A biology professor at Arizona State University is under attack for an image he showed in class that compared creationism to magic.

By Eric W. Dolan|Raw Story

The conservative group Campus Reform, which targets educators it perceives to have a liberal bias, reported last week that professor Christofer Bang showed the image during a PowerPoint presentation in his Biology 100 class.

The PowerPoint slide, titled “Evolution vs. Creationism,” showed the March of Progress illustration of human evolution next to an image of Jesus Christ shooting lightening out of his fingers to create a human. The image shows Jesus saying, “MAGIC!”

A student told Campus Reform that the picture was offensive: “Quite a few students in the lecture hall were bothered by the picture, and it didn’t contribute to the lecture besides adding spite.”

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