A Dress That Defends Itself

2014 has been a banner year for wearable technology. The trend of integrating robotics into clothing has found all sorts of unexpected outlets, from sports, to parenthood, to .

By Becky Ferreira|MOTHERBOARD

One of the most creative leaders of this merger of fashion and technology is Dutch engineer and designer Anouk Wipprecht, who specializes in electronic couture—wearables with a futurist twist. Earlier this year she debuted a Faraday’s Cage dress capable of withstanding millions of volts of electricity, and she’s also known for outfits that paint themselves, or that record and expose the wearer’s mood.

True to form, Wipprecht’s latest creation is a delightfully creepy riff on the defensive behavior of arachnids. The new “Spider Dress” is programmed to ward off threatening social behavior with its robotic limbs. It will premiere at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on January 6, but Wipprecht released a teaser trailer this week that captures the eerie verisimilitude of the dress.

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