Sir David Attenborough: Humans may be an endangered species

‚You can’t put infinity into something that’s finite‘ Image:
Of all the problems Sir David Attenborough has witnessed throughout the natural world, he sees none so pressing as the one facing our own species, which he believes could die out if we don’t tackle booming populations.

By Christopher Hooton|THE INDEPENDENT

Himself a patron of Population Matters, a UK charity advocating sustainable human populations, Attenborough believes more women around the world urgently need to be given political control of their bodies.

„It’s desperately difficult, the dangers are apparent to anybody,“ he told The Independent.

„We can’t go on increasing at the rate human beings are increasing forever because the Earth is finite and you can’t put infinity into something that is finite.

„So if we don’t do something about it then the world will do something about it – the natural world that is – we will starve.

„The only straw of comfort or of hope, and even that is pretty fragile, is that wherever women are given political control of their bodies, where they have the vote, education, appropriate medical facilities and they can read and have rights and so on, the birth rate falls, there’s no exceptions to that.

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