The Green USB Drive that Stores Blood So You Can Be Cloned One Day

Image: Jason Koebler, Screenshot: BB
Image: Jason Koebler, Screenshot: BB
Amongst all the super ultra high definition televisions, wearable body sensors, and drones here at the Consumer Electronics Show, one of the most futuristic devices on display—at least in terms of its implications—is a humble green USB thumb drive.

By Jason Koebler|MOTHERBOARD

The drive itself, called the DNA Vault and sold by a company called Genisyss, contains little more than some basic family history and database software, but inside of its case are four tiny pools that hold droplets of blood—a vault for your and your family’s DNA.

The thinking here is that, as we age, our DNA degrades thanks to stress, sunlight, smoking, radiation, and all the sorts of things that eventually could lead to cancer and other diseases. If we save a copy of our DNA from when we’re healthy, perhaps in the future doctors will be able to use it to heal us. Or maybe even clone us.

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