How The War On Science Affects Us All

science_beliefIt’s become fashionable for politicians to say that they aren’t scientists.  While invariably, these are statements of fact, they are curious nonetheless.  Certainly, when it comes to issues of finance or war, we don’t see elected officials lining up to say, “I’m not an economist” or “I’m not a soldier.”

By Greg Satell|FORBES

It is science that separates the kook from the professional.  People who talk about aliens in flying saucers are usually written off as lunatics. Yet serious scientists are able to attract public and public funding for the search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI) looking for alien life.

On the surface, the term “scientific” seems to be a fairly arbitrary distinction.  After all, both alien hunters and SETI scientists are both engaged in a search for truth, but the difference is that the work of scientists, when properly done, is reproducible and testable and that makes all the difference.  Science matters not because of its greater truth, but its lesser solipsism.

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