Bill Maher mocks ‘ancient myths’ in ad for Richard Dawkins’ pro-atheism campaign

'Real Time' host Bill Maher [YouTube]
‚Real Time‘ host Bill Maher [YouTube]
Real Time host Bill Maher appears in an ad for the atheist group Openly Secular released on Monday, saying he was eager to lend his voice to their campaign.

By Arturo Garcia|Raw Story

“It seems to me the most obvious decision a person could make in their life: do I want to make real-world policy decided on the basis of proven facts and the reaches of what humans have gotten to do in science?” Maher says in the ad. “Or do I want real-world decisions made based on ancient myths written by men who didn’t know what a germ or an atom was, or where the sun went at night?” “I picked choice A.”

The group is a collaboration between the Richard Dawkins Foundation and three other atheist groups. On its website, Openly Secular compares discrimination against atheists to the prejudices encountered by the LGBT communities.

“We believe that increasing visibility of secular people will lower prejudice against them, much as it has for the LGBT community,” the group states. “For example, 68% of those who personally know gay or lesbian people favor marriage equality, compared with just 32% of those who don’t know anyone.”

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