Scientology doc ‚Going Clear‘ shocks Sundance filmgoers

Scientology in Los Angeles (Bild: PictorialEvidence, CC-BY-Sa 3.0)
Scientology in Los Angeles (Bild: PictorialEvidence, CC-BY-Sa 3.0)
Secrecy shrouded the controversial documentary Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief, which premiered Sunday at the Sundance Film Festival.
Rumors swirled about massive protests, prompting filmgoers to arrive hours in advance to assure they got a seat.

By Claudia Puig|US Today

Security was heightened, but no threats materialized.

The festival’s most hotly anticipated documentary did not disappoint, however. The revelations were almost as numerous as the number of lawyers HBO Documentary Films hired to vet the movie (160).

The scathing exposé directed by Alex Gibney (The Armstrong Lie) is based on Lawrence Wright’s riveting 2013 bestseller.

Among the bombshells asserted by eight former church members: Scientology intentionally broke up Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman; it tortured some of its members in a prison known as „the hole“ and subjected others to hard labor; it harassed those who left the organization and forced their family members to cut off all contact.

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