Creationist group sues Kentucky over $18 million in tax rebates for Noah’s Ark theme park

Image: Facebook/Ark_Encounter
Image: Facebook/Ark_Encounter
The creationist ministry Answers in Genesis announced Tuesday that would file a lawsuit against the state of Kentucky over tax rebate benefits for its Noah’s Ark-based theme park.

By Eric W. Dolan|Raw Story

In a YouTube video, Answers in Genesis president Ken Ham accused Kentucky of religious discrimination.

Lawyer Mike Johnson, who also appeared in the video, agreed. “Religious groups, ideas, and organizations can’t be treated with hostility by the government, and in effect that’s what we have here,” he said.

In December, Kentucky withdrew tax rebates for the Ark Encounter park in Williamston, Kentucky, that were potentially worth more than $18 million.

Kentucky Tourism, Arts and Heritage Cabinet Secretary Bob Stewart said the project had transformed from a tourist attraction to an “extension of AIG’s ministry.” Answers in Genesis had refused to pledge not to discriminate against non-Christians in hiring.

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