Minister Rebuts Viral Stephen Fry Video by “Proving” That Non-Believers Don’t Exist

Image: Friendly Atheist
You and I are here at Friendly Atheist for one reason only: because we secretly believe in God.
Deep down, we all know we hate the Almighty (who is totally real) so much that we deny his existence by attacking him.

By Terry Firma|Friendly Atheist

Well, Keith Thompson is onto us. After he saw the viral video of Stephen Fry responding to a TV interviewer who asks what the comedian would say to God if the two were to meet, Thompson, who runs Reformed Apologetics Ministries in Canada, is convinced that there are no atheists. To prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt, he’s come up with a little video of his own.

Says Thompson of Fry:

Here is a man who calls himself an atheist, and claims he does not believe God exists. Yet…he can’t help but rail against God with utter hatred, so much so that he shows that he believes God exists, and hates him!

A lesser man than Thompson would’ve said that Fry was just answering the interviewer’s hypothetical, but let’s admit it: the minister’s Spear of Heavenly Truth has pierced our Armor of Angry Denial. In other words, the jig is up, people.

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