Huckabee rips Obama on climate change after religion remarks: ‘A beheading is worse than a sunburn’

Mike Huckabee speaks to Fox News (screen grab)
Former Fox News host and potential Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee on Monday lashed out at President Barack Obama, saying that “everything he does is against what Christians stand for.”

By Dave Edwards|Raw Story

Speaking at the National Prayer Breakfast last week, the president had reminded Americans that religions — including Christianity — had been used to justify horrific acts. The speech outraged conservatives, who said that Obama had been comparing Christianity to the Islamic terrorist group ISIS.

Huckabee called the remarks “nothing short of shocking” on Monday’s edition of Fox & Friends.

“How on Earth he could go back a thousand years in history and pick up something Christians did in response to Muslim aggression, and somehow blame Christians for the burning of a Jordanian pilot, for the cutting off the heads children who are Christians,” he opined. “It’s just absolutely stunning to me.”

“He also brought in Jim Crow laws as if it was Christians who were responsible for racism in America,” the former Arkansas governor continued. “I think he’s forgetting that it was the Christian movement, led by the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., who resisted racism. And many of the most staunch voices that helped to bring this country in a whole new understanding of racial justice were voices from the pulpits… Same thing with slavery.”

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