10 truly bizarre Tea Party bills: From nipples to militias to religious zealotry

A still from Matt Rosendale’s ad „Rifle Shot“ (Credit: YouTube/Matt Rosendale)
The Montana Legislature is now controlled by some far-right loons. You won’t believe what they’re trying to pass

By Eric Stern|Salon

Here are the 10 most bizarre Tea Party bills currently being debated in the Montana Legislature, which is now controlled by the right wing of the Republican Party.  Some of these bills, believe it or not, have a chance of making it to the governor’s desk.

1) Prepare for National Ammunition shortage (SB 122).  When Obama comes to get our guns and bullets, Montana will be ready.  This bill cites the “serious risk” that America might run out of ammunition and exempts Montana’s ammo manufacturers from paying any taxes at all, as an incentive to produce more bullets so we can survive the Obama gun rapture. Its author, Matt Rosendale, was an unsuccessful congressional candidate in 2014 whose campaign ads featured him shooting drones out of the air with a rifle.

2) Establish Armed Militias in Every Town (SB 130). Even if we have enough bullets, Montana could still be in grave danger from the federal government.  This bill would protect citizens by creating local paramilitary groups across the state, known as “home guards,” and would allow sheriffs to mobilize these troops for whatever reason they so choose, without the governor’s consent.  This concept is supported enthusiastically by militia groups whose members enjoy stockpiling firearms but sometimes go to prison.

3) Require that nipples and areolae be fully concealed; prohibit “simulated genitalia”  (HB 365).  Our state already has a general law against indecent exposure but Montana’s social conservatives feel it isn’t enough.  The new proposal lists body parts.  Specifically, it would prohibit “exposing the anus, areola or nipple with anything less than a fully opaque covering.”  Better yet, it would forbid the wearing of “any costume or covering that gives the appearance of, or simulates, the genitals, nipple or areola.”  So much for my Halloween idea.

4) Montana Legislative Dress Code.  A young conservative ascended to speaker of the House this year, and his first order of business was to propose a new dress code that advised women “to be mindful of necklines and skirt lengths” and also to wear only “dress blouses or suit-like dresses,” and never “jersey or fleece material” or leggings.  Areolae and nipples were not mentioned.

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