Ken Ham Says Evolution Is An ‘Anti-God Religion’

Image: INQUISITR/Mark Lyons/Getty Images
Ken Ham, infamous creationist and president of the Christian group Answers in Genesis, recently released a scathing blog piece on evolution and atheism. In his article, Ham described evolution as an instrument of Satan and as an “anti-God religion.”


Ham’s latest diatribe on evolution was prompted by a recent viral video produced by the YouTube channel misterdeity, which prominently featured atheist and biologist Richard Dawkins. In the video, Dawkins and Brian Dalton, playing the role of Mr. Deity, discussed the latter’s apparent inconsistencies with his creation.

One segment, which particularly enraged many believers who saw the skit, featured Richard Dawkins saying, “You know, it seems to me that if you really want to be useful, you could do us all a favour and simply vanish. The whole of your precious creation was made by evolution and you didn’t have to lift a finger to help it along. You’re completely redundant, not just lazy. Even if you weren’t lazy, there’d be nothing for you to do. And what’s more, we have science now, making you completely unnecessary.”

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