Bitter Lakes – „McJihad“ by US and Saudi Arabia

King Abdul Aziz al Saud and Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1945 on board the USS Quincy.
Adam Curties‘ documentary „Bitter Lake“ documents brilliantly the total failure of the US intervention and the arrogance of its Western stooges in Afghanistan. There are two bitter lakes in „Bitter Lake“:


The first one is roughly the midpoint of the Suez Canal, where US President Franklin D. Roosevelt and King Abdul Aziz al Saud of Saudi Arabia forged an alliance in 1945, which becomes slowly but surely an unholy one. The content of the agreement between the two was simple: The US guarantee the survival of the Saudi regime, at any cost. In return, the Saudis facilitate American supremacy in the region.

The second „bitter lake“ is situated behind the Kajaki dam on the Helmand river that US companies constructed during the cold war in order to drag the country into the Western sphere of influence. One consequence of the dam was the rise of the water table leading to salinization of the soil. One crop thrived in the saltier earth: opium poppy. The US Empire and its allies have invaded Afghanistan to fight „terror“ and to stop the Taliban’s fight against opium cultivation. The US financial oligarchy in New York City had thereby lost every month about 300 million US dollars. Under Western occupation the opium production skyrocket.

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