Canadian Christians: We’re Under Attack Because We Can’t Always Discriminate Against Gay People!

Christians in Canada, apparently, Image: Friendly Atheist
A group of Christian leaders in Canada are furious because they believe the government (and everyone else) is persecuting them:

By Hemant Mehta|Friendly Atheist

The group, including Charles McVety, president of the Institute for Canadian Values, pointed to a number of recent events they said equate to an attack on the Christian faith and impinge on Christians’ ability to practice their faith.

Well… this should be interesting.

What are their examples?

A refusal by three provincial bar associations to accredit any potential law school graduate of Trinity Western University, which prohibits sexual intimacy outside heterosexual marriage among its students.

I’ve written about this before. In general, I don’t think the students should be punished for attending an anti-gay school because they’ll ultimately have to practice (and follow) secular law. If they can show they understand that law, I don’t see why their religious beliefs matter unless they’re discriminating against their clients, which is a completely different issue.

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