Revelations in HBO’s Scientology documentary ‘Going Clear’ may crimp Tom Cruise’s career

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It’s no secret that Tom Cruise is a notable Scientologist, but a few revelations in the HBO documentary “Going Clear,” which premiered Sunday, must be hard for fans to stomach. 

By Alex Garofalo|International Business Times/Raw Story

Allegations that the actor allowed his children to be turned against his former wife Nicole Kidman, had the actress‘ phone tapped and has ignored myriad potential abuses by the Church of Scientology — while accepting lavish gifts and honors — are sure to have many taking a darker view of the star. With the fifth „Mission: Impossible“ movie coming this summer, how will the fallout from „Going Clear“ affect Cruise’s box-office appeal?

For years, Tom Cruise has been a public face of Scientology, championing the religion with his time and money and defending it in interviews. At the same time, he has shied away from addressing alleged abuses of the church – especially those surrounding his friend and church president David Miscavige – and speaking about his experience within the Scientology community. University of Southern California professor and celebrity brand expert Jeetendr Sehdev says that is a big problem.

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