Maybe artificial intelligence won’t destroy us after all

Graphic courtesy of Vimeo, Human Brain Project
Graphic courtesy of Vimeo, Human Brain Project
Gray Scott — philosopher, speaker, artist, and self-described „techno optimist“ — spends his time imagining what the future might look like. One of his passions these days is exploring artificial intelligence and how it will transform society.

By Michael Casey|CBS News

Scott, who is based in New York City, is the founder of, a futuristic technology website, and co-executive producer of the upcoming documentary „The Future of Work and Death,“ which among other things contemplates a world where robots do most of our jobs and humans have more time to enjoy life. At the same time, he explores what he calls the age of age reversal, a time when medical breakthroughs „free us from the chain of natural death.“

His positive take on artificial intelligence comes as a counterpoint to those who fear that AI will replace good-paying jobs with robots and maybe even pose a mortal threat to humanity. Among those who have warned about the potential dangers of artificial intelligence are Tesla’s Elon Musk — who suggested „we are summoning the demon“ with AI — and Stephen Hawking, who has warned that artificial intelligence could one day „spell the end of the human race.“

CBS News talked with Scott about the future of artificial intelligence, why we fear the rise of these machines, and whether they should eventually be given equal rights with humans. This interview has been condensed and edited.

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