The Crowdfunding Campaign to Build a Nuclear Asteroid-Blasting Spaceship

Image Credit: NASA/Don Davis
Image Credit: NASA/Don Davis
When governments refuse to take earthbound asteroid threats seriously, what do you do? Why not try crowdfunding a private project to build a nuclear explosive-laden spacecraft that will deflect the ones that might annihilate us?


„It’s a crazy endeavour,“ Professor Bong Wie, founding director of the Asteroid Deflection Research Centre at Iowa State University, told me over the phone. “This kind of initiative should have been done by government agencies, not the people. [Governments], however, aren’t taking this threat seriously.”

Wie is one of the people behind the „Help Defend Earth Against Asteroid Threats“ Indiegogo campaign, which was launched by international NGO Emergency Asteroid Defence Project (EADP) yesterday and is looking to raise $200,000. It aims to protect Earth from rogue asteroids by building a “hypervelocity asteroid intercept vehicle” (HAIV). This is a small spacecraft that promises to “deflect or disperse asteroids and comets” at short notice.

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