German Court Rules Ad Block Plus Is Legal (Again)

Image: Gliuoo/Flickr
Image: Gliuoo/Flickr
A German court has ruled in favor of browser plugin Adblock Plus once again, in a case brought against it by major media companies just a month after a separate court declared its ad blocking services legal.


Adblock’s parent company Eyeo GmbH was sued this time by large television broadcasters ProSiebenSat.1 and RTL interactive. The case is the fourth brought against Adblock Plus by major publishers who take issue with the startup for cutting into their ad revenue, according to Adblock Plus. This time, rather than attack its ad blocking services outright, the companies targeted Adblock Plus’s “Acceptable Ads” policy.

The policy, meant to be a sort of compromise, allows certain ads it deems “non-intrusive” to get through the filter rather than blocking all ads outright. Companies whose ads do not fall under the specifications can get their ads whitelisted, sometimes for a fee, which both Google and Microsoft Bing have paid to do.

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